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Connecting Communities

Station Hill Baptist Church is a significant player in a ground-breaking community-led project in Chippenham‘s Ivy Estate.

TCD Transformative Community Development is a cost effective way of working with communities which empowers both local residents and frontline service personnel to improve health, well-being and local conditions in disadvantaged areas. It uses a 7 step, asset-based programme called C2, short for Connecting Communities which has been used successfully in communities in the South West and nationally since 1995.

It was designed and researched by a frontline Health Practitioner together with researchers from Peninsula College of Medicine & Dentistry, Exeter University.

In 2010 it was the fieldwork model of choice for the Dept. Health funded Health Empowerment Leverage Project (HELP).

C2 results in high levels of community self-organisation and engagement, leading to long term transformative outcomes in health and social wellbeing

The track record consistently shows that C2 has the power to break through longstanding barriers to achieve profound and lasting change within hard-pressed communities.

In spite of considerable knowledge and resources professionals are sadly aware that their expert->client relationships with housing estate residents frequently result in an inadvertent perception of talking-down to, demeaning and institutionalising the beneficiaries of their efforts.

A flash of inspiration came with the realization that every community is different, and has inherent talents and perceptions.

Something undefinable, unique and profoundly positive happens by listening, encouraging and facilitating resident-to-resident interaction, perceiving the patterns and responding to residents‘ own vision of the way ahead.

The C2 process encourages residents to develop a unique awareness of shared destiny, negotiating their own future on a positive partnership basis with providers.

On a spiritual basis, this strikes a chord with Christ‘s Kingdom teachings, revealing to the unempowered their true worth in God‘s eyes. People subjected to heartless religious overlords and cruel foreign dominators came to see themslves as Christ sees them. They ultimately founded His Church in arguably the most joyful communist (smalll c!!!) community the world has ever seen.

We are grateful to Sovereign and Green Square Housing Associations for their guidance, support and generosity.

We are grateful to Station Hill Baptist Church for making a deep wholehearted commitment to this project, and for developing new skills of ‘softly-softly‘ engagement and community empowerment alongside the traditional evangelist‘s rôle of bold proclamation.

About the Ivy Community Partnership 

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